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Soldier’s Grave Plot Is Suddenly Greener, Then Mom Realizes A Stranger Has Altered It In Secret

This story was posted by Roger Reissing and it went viral, read on to find out why. Jake Reissig (Roger’s father) and his wife Liz had been married for 65 years. Liz passed away in May 2014.

She was laid to rest at Garden Park Cemetery in Conroe, Texas. As part of his daily routine, Jake goes to visit Liz’s grave. He brings her flowers and waters her plot.

Because of his love and dedication, Liz’s plot is green and vibrant. One day, Jake saw a woman crying over a grave at the cemetery. He was able to comfort her, and they talked.

Jake saw that the grave belonged to Joseph Anthony Villasenor, a fallen soldier.

soldier's grave

Image Credit: Dignity Memorial