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Soldier Son Dies, Then Mom Visits Grave To Find A Mysterious Boy Who Keeps Showing Up There

Memorial Day is an important commemoration for servicemen and servicewomen who have given up their lives and sacrificed greatly for the betterment of their country. When the day came around, Sarah and her seven-year-old son Mason took a trip to the Wilmington National Cemetery to respect the fallen soldiers who had been laid to rest there. The pair planned to place American flags on their graves, a truly respectful and patriotic act.

While Sarah was occupied with decorating the graves, Mason ran off somewhere. Sarah panicked at first and rushed around trying to find him, but then she saw where he’d gone. Mason was sitting at the grave of a Sergeant TJ Butler, and for some reason, he was intrigued by this fallen soldier. He asked his mother countless questions about him and felt a connection to him.

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This connection drove him to return to the grave time and time again after that, even drawing pictures and writing notes to the soldier. And then one day, Sergeant Butler’s mother came by to visit his grave, as she often does, and she found little Mason’s heartfelt letter.

What ensued was the adorable meeting between the soldier’s mother and that soldier’s biggest fan. Mason can finally get the answers to all those questions he’s been asking!