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This Family Surrendered Their Dogs. Instead Of Shelter, They Sold Them To A Meat Farm

A meat farm is as disgusting as it sounds. Dogs live on this so-called ‘farm’ to be butchered for their meat. In South Korea, the meat trade is legal. Two dogs, Lilly and Pinch, were living in South Korea with their human family. One day, the family just decided that they didn’t want the two dogs anymore and sold them to a meat farm – can you imagine?!

I am speechless. Lilly and Pinch went from living with a family to being sentenced to death in a few short hours.

Director of companion animals and engagement at the Humane Society International, Kelly O’Meara, said that the dogs living on a meat farm are neglected and do not get fed enough food.

Lilly and Pinch were happily saved from the meat farm and given a new life. There were 35 dogs living on the meat farm that were freed. Lilly and Pinch soon were on their way to the United States.