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The Benefits Of Placing A Sock On Car Dashboard During Winter

Colder weather means no more eager, happy hopping into your car and starting up the engine in an instant.

No more can you drive off a mere couple of seconds after leaping into your vehicle.

Instead, now, you may find yourself having to deal with the cold nights that have completely frosted up your windows and made them impossible to see out of.

On most mornings during these cold seasons, you’ll likely find that you have to allow your car’s defroster to run for several moments as you warm up your car so that you can take off.

But for places around the world where the temperatures can hit ranges below zero, that might take a little more time than you’d want.

This can make your morning efforts so much more tedious!

But did you know that there’s a really neat trick that will help keep your windows free from cold fog, so you won’t have to waste time sitting around as they slowly warm up?

And all you need is a simple old sock that doesn’t have any holes in it, some masking tape, and some cat litter – items you likely already have around your home, or, if you don’t, are inexpensive to purchase!

All you need to do is hold the sock open and pour in cat litter until it fills up the foot area of the sock.

It’s likely a good idea for you to use a type of litter with little odor or no odor at all, or else you might have a car that smells like cat litter.

It’s also recommended that you use a small tube-type sock for this hack.

Now, simply take some masking tape and use it to secure the open part of the sock. Then, place it onto your dashboard when you park your car and leave it there before you head back inside your house.

This will completely stop any fog from taking root on your windows!

On particularly cold days, make an additional sock and litter pack to place near the back window, too, so it doesn’t get foggy either.

But how exactly does this work?

Well, cat litter is fantastic at absorbing high levels of moisture. It is also to completely suck in the moisture in the air around it, so your car stays fog-free.

The condensation that appears on the window of a car is always due to trapped moisture inside the car cabin’s air, and cat litter prevents this from ever occurring.

Condensation occurs inside vehicles because the temperature outside of the car is colder and lower than that inside the car.

The cat litter will completely prevent this from happening, since there will be no moisture to cause this.

So if you’ve been seeking a way to help you get into your car out of your driveway quickly even on cold winter mornings, look no further than this ingenious sock hack!

It’s quick, inexpensive, and unbelievably simple to use, so your mornings will be more efficient than ever.