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Camera Catches Rude Neighbor Stealing Family’s Shovel, Then Dad Teaches Her A Lesson

Who steals a snow shovel? I mean, it is a shovel that is used to remove snow from sidewalks and driveways. But one woman, with shovel envy, actually stole her neighbor’s shovel in 2011 during a storm in Chicago. She went up to her neighbor’s porch and took the shovel to get her car out.

Then just never put the shovel back and to add insult to injury – she allowed her dog to do its business in her neighbor’s yard. The person she stole the shovel from, David Welles, wasn’t too happy about it. He and his daughter were using that shovel to make an igloo. In fact, the igloo was almost done. Watch the news clip below to see how David responded to the incident. LOL!

Take a look!

David is the owner of Tunnel Vision Technologies and had video cameras to record not only her theft – but his revenge. Epic, isn’t it?! Share away, people!