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Sneaky Owl Poops On His Friend And Then Runs Away. His Friend’s Reaction Is Classic!

Friendships, especially close ones, can be funny. Many friends express their affection for each other in odd and contradictory ways, like by insulting them and teasing them; it’s all good-natured and is harmless fun, of course! But then, sometimes your friends also do exasperating things that make you wonder why you’re even friends.

That’s definitely what this owl is thinking right now. He was just innocently hanging out with his buddy on a roof when that friend decided it was time to fly off. Right before he takes flight, he also decides it’s a good time to use the bathroom – right there, onto his friend! Yikes!

Take a look at this video!

The look on the first owl’s face when he sees that he’s literally been pooed on is utterly hilarious. You can see the dumbfounded disbelief slowly form into an annoyed face that seems to “Really, dude? Really?” Poor owl! That’s not how you keep your friends happy!

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