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Woman Following Cries For Help Finds Pig Trying To Flee From Massive Snake (VIDEO)

Few people out there like snakes.

Most people see a snake and run the other way!

It really doesn’t matter to me if the snake is poisonous or not – I am not going to mess with a snake (large or small).

This video doesn’t really need much in the way of an explanation.

Snake versus Pig.

If that is all you had to go on, you would probably pick the snake as the winner.

But, there were some people involved that helped the pig from being suffocated by the large, black snake.

By the time the video starts, the pig is in big trouble, luckily, the men have a gun and are able to get the snake off the pig.

Take a look at this video

If you are a snake lover, you probably didn’t want to watch the whole thing.

In a contest between a snake and a gun, there is only one winner, and it isn’t the snake.

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