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Snake Creeps Into Bedroom And Bites Sleeping Woman (Video)

Kaew Sudsopha’s son had recently installed a camera in his elderly mother’s room so he could always keep an eye on her.

He’ll never forget what the camera recorded on this particular night.

The camera captured Kaew’s foot dangling off the bed while she slept.

Nothing is worrisome about that, right?

However, unknown to Kaew and her son, a wild python had made its way into their home and into her bedroom.

The python studied the foot for a while, and was even startled by its random jerking.

But the snake had seemingly found its next meal and subsequently bit Kaew’s foot!

Kaew didn’t react at first, but the pain became so unbearable that she woke up.

She got a flashlight and shone it on the area of the floor that she thought the pain was from.

She was able to see the culprit and its glowing eyes slither right in front of her!

Scared of the snake, Kaew ran to her son’s room and woke him up.

He was able to chase the snake and corner it in the bathroom before calling animal control.

The animal control workers arrived to see the python sitting on top of a closed toilet.

They were able to successfully capture the snake and safely release it in the wild.

It’s a good thing Kaew’s son installed the camera before the attack happened.

No one would ever believe this happened without evidence!

As for poor Kaew, she is probably too scared to sleep alone in her bedroom after getting bitten.

I don’t blame her!