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Small Boy Stares At Tap Instructor On Stage Right Before They Blow Everyone’s Minds

On stage at the 2011 D.C. Tap Festival, a six-year-old stood alone. Soon, he was joined by an older man, his teacher, Justin M. Lewis. The crowd wasn’t sure what to expect when the music started, but it wasn’t this!

Image Credit: YouTube

The young boy was Luke Spring, and he’d been dancing since he was four years old. He’s widely considered one of the best young dancers all around the world, and together with his teacher, he was going to completely blow the audience away.

Image Credit: YouTube

The pair began to dance, pulling off perfectly synchronized fancy footwork in unison. It isn’t long before the crowd is roused and cheering. It’s amazing how little Luke effortlessly keeps up with the much older and professional dancer Justin, and they do the exact same moves wonderfully!

Image Credit: YouTube

Justin, who started dancing when he was five himself, loves teaching the young protege and is glad to share his knowledge with someone so gifted. It won’t be long before Luke is up to his level, or even surpassing it!

Luke is known around the world for his phenomenal talents in hip hop, jazz, tap, and lyrical dance, and it’s no surprise that he’s one of the best young dancers today!