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Squirrel Keeps Stealing Their Bird Food — Then They Come Up With A Clever Solution

Just like most wild animals squirrels come and go as they please. Not everyone puts out a bird feeder. Those of you who do know that squirrels can be a pain because they will steal the bird seed! I am not sure I would mind too much if the squirrels ate it – I mean it isn’t like it is being wasted. But Nancy and Robert Kampf didn’t want the rock squirrels to steal the seed they put out for the birds.

Instead of buying a fancy anti-squirrel feeder they used Vaseline to stop the squirrel! Once they put a little bit on the pole, the squirrel could get up to the bird seed anymore. The poor squirrel tries and tries to get up the pole – he can’t believe that he can’t climb up anymore!

Take a look at this video!

He has his own feeder in the yard, he just won’t steal from the birds anymore! Share away, people.