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How This Sleepy Kitten Reacts When She Sees Her Mama Will Melt Your Heart!

Do you have a sleep routine? I mean after you brush your teeth and put on your pajamas (or maybe you put on your pj’s first and then brush!). After that – do you have a routine? I don’t, I just lay down in the bed and wait for the sandman. Sometimes our pets have special needs at naptime – that involve us.

The person in this video has just awakened a Ragdoll kitty. The kitten is at first a little sad that naptime is over. But the kitten soon jumps onto his human’s lap and starts to purr! There is some petting and purring. And then more purring and petting. It is what life is like if you own a cat.

Take a look at this video!

Just be careful, not enough petting will result in complaints from the furry feline! If you don’t own a cat, this video may have given you a sneak peak into life with a cat! Share away, people!