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Sleepy Cat Hears His Human Coughing, But No One Was Prepared For This Response!

When people snore, it can sometimes be annoying to others in the same room (or even in the same house). We say that they are ‘sawing logs’ when they snore – because that is what snoring can sometimes sound like. The cat in this video is snoring, but the sound he is making is nothing like logs being cut.

The sound he makes is more like a quack. Yes, the cat quacks like a duck when he snores! You probably wouldn’t have believed it if we just told you that – so, you can watch the video to see we weren’t making that up! The key to the snore is that the man has to cough.

Take a look at this video!

Maybe the cat is just trying to say “Hey, keep it down over there, I am trying to sleep!” But it comes out as “quack!”

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