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3 Little Kittens Are Sleeping And The Puppy Doesn’t Want To Wake Them, So Watch What She Does!

What do you do when you want to play, but your friends want to sleep? If you are a good friend, you let them sleep! If you wake them up, they may not be too happy about it! Everyone needs a good night’s rest. Unless you are a cat, then you will need almost 18 hours of sleep a day! Some dogs need that much sleep too! But, not the dog in this video.

His three kitten friends are sleeping. He is a good friend though and isn’t trying to get them to wake up. The kittens are snoozing, and the dog is lying quietly next to them. I bet by the time that the kittens are ready to play, the puppy will be exhausted and will need his nap! Isn’t that how some things go?

Take a look at this video

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