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Do You Remember What This Copper-Colored Object Is?

There are some objects that you can clearly identify from your childhood as soon as you see a picture.

There is an image of a copper-colored object circling around on social media sites.

It almost looks like a bottle opener or even a wrench.

However, those guesses would be wrong as it’s something completely different.

Roller skating was an activity that many people enjoyed on the weekends and after school.

They would get together with their friends to skate the evening away while listening to upbeat music.

Skates that people used to wear didn’t look like the ones with bright colors and laces.

Instead, they were pieces of metal that had straps on them.

You would put your shoes on the metal and lace the straps.

First, you had to use a skate key to make sure the skates were adjusted to just the right size for your shoe.

That’s what the object in the picture is that many people don’t know about unless they skated before about the 1970s.

The key would fit into the back of the pair of skates and would allow the person wearing them to easily make the proper adjustments before getting on the rink.

Skate keys were usually worn around the neck so that they weren’t lost while people were skating.

The key was often kept in a safe area in the person’s bedroom.

Several songs have been written about this metal object that has carved out several memories for those who have enjoyed using it in the past.