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Bride Begins Her Speech, Then Suddenly Asks Six Cops To Stand Behind Groom

The groom in this story is a police officer, and his new wife has a special treat in store for him at the reception.

The bride’s sister posted this touching video to YouTube.

It all starts off innocently enough, the bride gets up to give a speech and then she calls on six officers to come to the dance floor.

The men gather behind her new husband, James.

The bride tells all those in attendance that the men behind her are human, they have families, and they do a job most of us would never want to do.

She also says that the lack of respect they get is disturbing – I agree!

She continues on for several minutes and then announces to the people that it is up to them to thank police officers for what they do.

Take a look at this video

Respect. It is a simple thing that is sorely lacking in the world today.

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