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Science Shows That Having A Sister Actually Makes You A Better Person

Growing up with a sister, you’ve probably experienced plenty of ups and downs with them. You’ve likely fought, laughed, helped, and annoyed each other to no end. But according to science, there’s something your sister was doing for you that you never noticed: making your life better!

The Journal of Family Psychology published a paper in 2010 that was the result of a study involving 400 families with siblings between 10 and 14 years of age. Results showed that those who had sisters had better mental health, higher levels of empathy, and better abilities in communication and conflict resolution overall.

In addition, families with sisters saw those sisters taking on more responsibilities in the case of parents passing away.

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Basically, no matter how annoying you’ve found your sister to be, chances are that they’ve helped improve your life for the better, sharpened your argument and problem solving skills, and helped in shaping you into a better person. Still, fighting with a sibling isn’t all bad, either, as when you fight when a brother or sister, you’re learning valuable lessons and skills, too.

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This is just even more reason to be thankful for having a sister! Don’t forget to give yours a call or shoot them a text to see how they’re doing!