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Simon Rolls His Eyes At Girl Who Loves Céline Dion, Then She Proves She Sounds Like The Singer

Ever heard of the tough judge on “American Idol” and the “Got Talent”, Simon Cowell? Known for his sarcastic and harsh comments at singing auditions, it is really hard to impress him, let alone a child. Many people who were bad in Simon’s book will always get the brunt of his comments, leaving them bitter and furious at him.

A potential star, Celine Tam came up on stage and voiced that she loves Celine Dion during one of America’s Got Talent auditions. Celine Dion is a famous singer, known for her powerful voice and won many musical awards. So a nine year old girl appearing on America’s Got Talent auditions claiming to idolize Celine Dion, definitely does not impress Simon at all, he simply rolled his eyes. However, do not judge a book by its appearance!

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