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Sick Owner Laughs At Crying Dog Dumped At The Shelter On Christmas Day

Meet Jack the Pit Bull, who was heartlessly dumped at a local shelter as his owner has grown tired of him.

Prior to being surrendered, Jack somehow knew this was coming, and started to whine and whimper.

His owner laughs at him instead, and hands him over to the shelter staff – it was on Christmas day to boot!

Jack had nothing wrong with him – no sickness, aggressive behavior, nothing!

The staff were appalled at how Jack’s previous owner had treated him – and decided that a shelter was no place for this sweet canine.

The staff started to utilize their social media pages to generate online interest surrounding Jack’s possible adoption – and it worked!

Two well-known local animal rescue organizations, Bullies and Buddies, in partnership with Wags With Love, have successfully gotten Jack away from the streets and shelter for good.

Adoption offers also poured in – and as you may have already guessed, Jack found himself a lovely home not long after!

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