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Siblings Who Were Locked Like Animals In Cages Finally Meet The Man Who Rescued Them

Sharen and Michael Gravelle had 11 adoptive children. Depending on what state you live in, becoming an adoptive parent isn’t easy.

In October 2013, Carlyle Smith went to the Gravelle home to interview for a part-time job with the family. As soon as he walked into the home, Carlyle knew something wasn’t right.

He was told not to go upstairs and then he heard Sharen tell a child to go lock himself in his cage (yes, his cage). Carlyle called the authorities as soon as he got out of there!

Four years later, in 2017, two of the 11 children Simon and Abba appeared on The Dr. Phil Show – despite their ordeal, they are now strong and are an inspiration.

In the clip below, Carlyle is going to meet them for the first time, and it is an emotional reunion.

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The Gravelles were convicted of child abuse and child endangerment, thankfully.

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