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Poor Dog Was Surrendered In A Plastic Garbage Bag At A Shelter

Yes, this is a dog in a trash bag. It isn’t’ meant to be funny. It is sad.

The dog’s owners put her in the trash bag and dropped her off at the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California.

They didn’t want Blackie, ten-years-old, anymore.

They put her in the trash bag because she had a tumor on her tail that was bleeding – they didn’t want her blood in the car.

Blackie didn’t stay at Carson Animal Shelter for long, she was picked up by some volunteers from Frosted Faces Foundation (FFF).

Take a look at this video

Going through this rough time hasn’t made Blackie bitter.

She has remained friendly. Kelly Smíšek, executive director of FFF, said Blackie is curious and eager to please.

When Blackie gets nervous or scared, she will seek comfort from her human caregivers.

Blackie was given a complete spa experience. She got brushed, washed, and a nail trim!

She has probably never had that much positive human attention – ever.

Then she got something to eat. Blackie was in pain though, from that tumor.

If the staff tried to touch it, Blackie would gently correct them with her mouth.

Once Blackie has surgery to remove her tumor she will be put up for adoption.

Blackie would make a great addition to any family! Until she finds her forever home, she will be cared for by the FFF volunteers.

Take a look at this video

If you want to help with Blackie’s recovery, you can make a donation here.

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