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When I Saw How She Celebrated Her 100th Birthday I Couldn’t Help But Smile (Video)

Living to be 100 years old is quite an accomplishment. You deserve a grand celebration when you hit that milestone! When Elisabeth Cockrell turned 100, she had her whole family there to celebrate with her! As Elisabeth was making her way out of the house, the music started. Elisabeth seized the moment and danced along to the song “24 Magic” by Bruno Mars.

This song must have been her jam because she showed us all how it is done! The video soon went viral, and over 12 million people have seen the lively dance! I am ashamed to admit she dances better than I do! LOL! Daron Anderson, one of Elisabeth’s grandson’s, said that no one expected her to do that!

Take a look at this video

Elisabeth’s family is having a reunion in July, so stay tuned, we may see more of her moves in the near future!

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