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Rescuers Stunned After Spotting Severely Neglected Pup With Raw Sores Over His Body

One look at this dog and you may think it isn’t real – but it is!

The pit bull was on the brink of death, he was only 15 pounds and lived alone and scared on the streets in Massachusetts.

He was found by Brockton Animal Control and then Second Chance Rescue NYC took over his care, they named him XO (because all the poor dog wanted to do was give kisses!).

neglected dog

Image Credit: N/A

Alyssa Ellman volunteers with Second Chance Rescue and found XO a foster home that was 250 miles away!

Several volunteers agreed to drive certain legs of the journey to get XO to New Jersey.

XO’s foster dad, Teri Eckel has already fallen in love with XO! So, we know he is in good hands!

neglected dog

Image Credit: N/A

Let us hope that XO has a speedy recovery and finds a forever home soon!

If any dog deserves to be loved forever – it is XO! Don’t you agree?!

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