seven bridges bullied colostomy bag

Life is hard when you are a kid. As adults, we can look back wistfully and want to return back to a life that seemed so much easier and simpler.

And in some ways, it is – but at the same time, learning how to deal with people around you and understanding how to handle yourself can be hard.

Not that it has gotten easier over the years, but at least as an adult you have learned. As a child, you had nothing to refer to.

Which is why bullying is so difficult for children. There isn’t really that many places you can go, so your peers become your whole world.

And if your whole world is against you at every turn, just how do you keep pushing forward?

No wonder there are so many anti-bullying campaigns for children.

Sadly, as many parents can tell you, they aren’t exactly the most effective.

The results, unfortunately, are horrific.

Seven Bridges, a 10-year-old Kentucky boy, was recently found dead in his family home – a heartbreaking sight for his mother, Tami Charles, when she came back home.

According to Charles, who had been out grocery shopping that fateful Saturday morning, Seven had been undergoing severe bullying from the kids in Kerrick Elementary School.

Why exactly were they picking on him?

Seven had been suffering from a medical defect since birth, one so severe, the poor boy had to undergo 26 surgeries by the time he was 10.

All those surgeries alone weren’t enough to fix the problem, however – he also had to use a colostomy bag because of his bowel condition.

That, plus the bad smell his health condition caused, made the small boy an easy target of bullying.

This wasn’t something his parents were unaware of.

In fact, Charles and Seven had been discussing transferring schools for next year, so that the boy could have a fresh start and make some new friends.

That way, he could avoid the incessant bullying from the other children on the school bus. He just needed to finish this last year of school.

He never made it.

Seven’s father at the time was away at a church choir practice, so Charles was on her own when she found the corpse of her hanging in the closet.

It was clear that the boy, in his distress, didn’t want his parents to see the results of his suicide.

This could have been easily prevented. Charles and her husband had been continuously calling on the school administration to step up to gate and do more to prevent in-class bullying.

The couple claimed that the system was riddled with holes and inconsistencies when it came to their anti-bullying policy, which made it easy for cases like Seven’s bullying to slip through the cracks.

It is an absolutely heartbreaking thing to see something like this happen to a child so young, especially when you realise that the system that should have protected them failed to do so.

Here is to hoping that his parents will be able to recover from this trauma, and that this will never have to happen again.