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Servicemen Stop For Stranded Woman In Road, Had No Clue What’s Coming

There are always good people who will help others in need. In Texas, Mary Mingo Williams was on her way back home on a busy road in Port Arthur when she got stranded at a traffic light. Despite her best efforts to get her car to move, it would not budge at all. This prompted Williams to get out of her car and push it manually.

Even though it was apparent that she was struggling to move her car, other drivers honked and yelled at her as they were frustrated with her blocking the road. Thankfully for her, help had arrived.

Image Credit: watchthis

She later looked up and saw a small platoon of servicemen coming to help her. She was thankful for their help and requested to take a photo of them.

Image Credit: watchthis

An eyewitness came up to them and offered to buy them food, even offering a $100 in cash. The men refused his offer politely, stating that it was a pleasure to help others in need.

Image Credit: watchthis

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