Whether you’re an animal lover or you don’t have any pets, it’s important to be aware of service dog protocol.


As a woman on Twitter shared regarding her recent experience, it could save someone’s life.

She goes on to explain that she was walking down the street with her service dog when she tripped and fell.

Since the dog is trained to find help when she experiences a seizure, the smart pup immediately went to find assistance.


Since this was actually just a fall and not a seizure, the woman was able to follow him and see what happened next.

The brave dog was trying to get the attention of a nearby woman, but she was annoyed and trying to get him to go away.

Thankfully, this was not a life and death situation, but if it was, the fallen woman would not have gotten the assistance she needed.


If you are ever approached by a service dog without its owner, this is a plea for help!

A trained dog will take you to the person who needs assistance.

Service dogs are easy to spot since they wear vests indicating their position, so keep an eye out and be ready to help if necessary.