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She Was Seriously Injured Because Of A Popular Activity… Don’t Make The Same Mistake She Did.

Teenager Bethany Benson had a habit that we’re all guilty of at some point – putting her feet on the dash. This additional leg room however, cost the teenager her entire lifestyle as a normal adult. The 26-year-old and her boyfriend drove back home after visiting her mother. During the ride, she reclined her seat and rested her feet on the dash.

There was an accident up ahead that involved a tractor trailer. Bethany’s boyfriend did not manage to brake on time, even though he did so. Their car slammed right onto the back of the tractor.

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The impact of the car crash inflated the air bags, which sent Bethany’s knees right into her face. Bethany’s boyfriend required 100 stitches for his injuries alone.

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Bethany however, was in a much more serious condition. She suffered broken cheekbones, a broken nose and a cracked left eye socket.

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