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This Looks Like A Normal Sequence Of Numbers, Except It’s Not! Can You Find The Error?

There are several brain teasers that can be found online.

Some involve finding a picture among other images while others are about trying to figure out missing words.

One brain teaser asks that you spot the missing numbers.

This is a puzzle that has left quite a few people scratching their heads in disbelief because they are unsure of how to get the answer.

One of the things to keep in mind about a brain teaser is that it can strengthen areas of your brain that you might not use all the time.

It’s almost like an exercise routine for your brain in the same way that you would exercise areas of your body.

The puzzle looks like it would be a typical sequence of numbers.

However, there are a few numbers that are missing in the pattern.

sequence of numbers error

You’ll see the sequence start just as you would begin saying your numbers from one to 10.

When you get to 11, there’s nothing there. You’ll also notice that the 32 is missing.

It takes a bit of attention to figure out which numbers are missing, but it’s a really simple puzzle if you think for a few seconds.

Your brain tends to skip over numbers in a sequence because it expects them to be there.

The goal is to solve the puzzle in about 10 seconds, but there are many people who take much longer.