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Senior Men Organized Hilarious Synchronized Swimming Routine That Has Everyone Laughing

One sport that doesn’t seem to get the coverage it deserves during the Olympics is synchronized swimming. At the turn of the 20th century, it was called water ballet, and the first competition was held in Berlin, Germany in 1891. According to Wikipedia, synchronized swimming is a combination of gymnastics, swimming, and dance and is performed either as a solo or in groups or teams.

The entire performance is done to music and showcases great endurance, strength, grace, and flexibility. Not to mention impeccable timing and breath control! During the entire performance, not one swimmer is allowed ever to touch bottom! In 1952, synchronized swimming made its debut at the Olympic Games in Helsinki, but did not become an official Olympic sport until the 1984 Summer Games.

Okay, with that as the introduction to the clip – remember we said that synchronized swimming is a combination of grace, skill, and timing – right? And there should be some water since it is a swimming event. The four senior men who are showing off their synchronized swimming skills at their nursing home have the grace, the timing and the skill – they just didn’t use any water! From the moment the music starts, the audience is in stitches, and you will be too!

Take a look at this video

They all are wearing a swimming cap and goggles to make it seem as if they are really swimming! LOL! I can’t wait until I retire, these guys look like they are having the time of their lives!