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Seller Thought He Ripped This Guy Off When He Sold A Rusty Knife For $3, He Will Regret It After Seeing This Video

You have probably heard the saying “buyer beware” at some point in your life. But you don’t often hear about a seller having problems after a sale – that is until today! Just a few days ago Japanese Youtuber by the name of Jun showed the world a video that has shocked millions. Jun purchased a rusty knife for $3 (considering the shape it was in, he overpaid).

Jun wasn’t about to waste his money, so he cleaned, sharpened, and restored the knife and the end product is stunning! I bet if the guy who sold him the knife had taken the time to clean it up as Jun did, he could have asked a lot more for it! So, while the cleaning of the blade is fascinating to watch wait until you see Jun’s mad knife skills!

Take a look at this video!

I wish I had that much skill with a blade!

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