Image Credit: STV News / YouTube

Most of us would like to live long, healthy, and happy lives, but figuring out exactly how to do that can be tricky.

We navigate our way through the struggles that come with living and try to keep ourselves healthy – we try to eat a balanced diet, drink lots of water, exercise now and then, and read up on beauty and health news to stay as strong as possible.

But you know who we should really take advice from? Those who are already living that long-life dream.

That’s why talking to centenarians might be a good start! They have lots of secrets to their 100+ years.

In 2015, Holiday Retirement commissioned a nationwide survey of centenarians in America. They asked a lot of questions, including what they thought was necessary for a good life.

Some answered as you might expect. Some discussed their genealogy, some recommended good diet and exercise, some said you shouldn’t run from problems or trials, some said spending time with family was the ticket, and some talked about saving money.

But then some of these wide senior citizens had very unconventional advice – like Susanna Mushatt Jones, 116, who says her secret to her long life is eating bacon.

And then there was Jesse Gallan, a Scottish woman whose response was equal parts surprising and hilarious!

Born back in 1906 on a farm in Kintore, Scotland, she grew up alongside a brother and five sisters in a small little cottage with only two rooms.

The siblings slept on mattresses that were stuffed with straw, and Gallan’s education was soon cut short when she needed to work in the kitchen of a farm.

Eventually, she left the area to go to the city, where she was the housemaid for a rich businessman.

Gallan worked hard on her service industry career, and after a good long career, she moved into a residential senior care home called the Crosby House.

Support workers at the home have only good things to say about Gallan, stating that she and her best friend were always together and that she was a very lovely person.

She enjoyed attending exercise class and listening to music, and she liked going for walks around. She’s said to have been quite an independent lady!

So what is Gallen’s secret? Is it her regular physical activity, and her good social life? No!

Gallan says that her secret is that she’s kept her distance from men, saying that they are much more trouble than they are worth! Ouch!

She also mentions liking her porridge, so maybe it has to do with that, too.

Sadly, Gallen passed away in the March of 2015 at 109 years old.

Still, no one can say she didn’t live a long and full life – and she left us with this hilarious advice that you might choose to take to heart!

We’re definitely not saying you shouldn’t have relationships with men – but let’s just say that if you happen to not be attracted to them, you just might live a little longer. Who knows?