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Scientists Baffled When They See One Of Nature’s Most Rare Occurrences

You are about to see something that is completely natural – no, it is not a man-made disk, and yes, it is spinning. It is also very rare. The video was taken last week by Jason Robinson in Michigan. Scientists have known about the ice disk for more than a decade but what they have not been able to explain is why it spins.

In July of 2016, some scientists from Liège University in Belgium may have figured it out. They used magnets and Petri dishes to replicate the huge disks. The ice circles spin not because of any currents – but because of they are melting and the ice around them is melting. Watch the video and see it for yourself – it is quite memorizing!

Take a look at this video

Jason said he returned that it may look like a solid disc, but it is just a collection of many frozen chunks. Share away, people.