Image Credit: yousignanimals

Talk about cruel and unusual. The images below are quite horrifying. The picture a boy holding a puppy by its hind legs and then the puppy is sliced opened.

There does not seem to be a lot of blood so one can only assume that the poor dog was already dead.

Thankfully it did not have to endure this pain, but we many never know exactly how the pup dies.

The boy lives in Rio Cuarto, Argentina and goes to school at Santa Eufraisa.

Once concerned people saw the images, they reported the boy to authorities.

Sadly, they police said that since the boy is a minor, they can’t do anything about it.

Right, that makes sense, let this killer grow up killing and practicing on animals.

Take a look at this image

The law won’t get involved until he kills a human being, and is of age. Makes perfect sense to me! NOT!

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