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President Gives Homeless Student Shelter In Library During Extreme Weather, But School Fires Him

A kind deed never goes unpunished. Brian Carroll lost his job for helping a homeless man. Carroll had been the president at Vatterott College in Kansas City for five years. The temperatures on January 6th were dropping, to about four degrees below zero. Carroll allowed a homeless student to sleep in the school’s library.

The next business day, he was fired on Monday, January 9th. Was there damage to the library that night? No. Did the student have a warm place to sleep that night? Yes. Carroll says he was fired because he put the school’s building and equipment at risk. I see, so the building is more important that a human life, a student at the school.

Take a look at this video

Nice to know the school has its priorities all messed up. Despite losing his job, Carroll said he would do it all over again. Share away, people.