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School Fines Dad For Taking Son On Vacation So He Pays It With Coins And Pennies!

Family vacations are something that families look forward to. But, did you know that in the United Kingdom, the teachers have to be informed before you take your child out of school for vacation, or else you pay a fine? Paddy Forbes took his family to Egypt this February and had to pay his son’s school £60 ($77) for not telling the teacher!

Sort of outrageous – right?! Well, that is what Forbes thought too! So, he decided to extract a little revenge by paying the fine in pence, which is about the same as an American penny! Can you imagine – that is a lot of pennies (or pence)! Watch the video below it shows Forbes paying his fee!

Take a look at this video

Would you be brave enough to show up with a bucket of pennies to pay a fine? I don’t think I could do that!

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