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Mom Won’t Say ‘Hi’ So 3-Year-Old Grabs The Phone And Tells The Cops To Come Over

Kids are perceptive. They pick up on little things. If you are angry or upset – your child can tell, you don’t have to say anything, they can read your body language (or the look on your face). A 3-year-old from Brick, New Jersey, called 911 when her mom wouldn’t respond to her.

The 911 operator was a little taken aback by the request the three-year-old made. But, how else is a young child going to get help but to ask another adult to come over? The girl knew what she needed, she didn’t know exactly how to get it! Thankfully, the 911 operator adjusted quickly to the odd request and was able to figure out what the little girl needed.

Take a look at this video

They traced the call and dispatched help. Teach your children the importance of using the phone to call 911 – it may help save a life! Share away, people!