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Puppy Who Escaped Dog Fight And Collapsed On The Porch Makes Incredible Transformation

Jax, a pit bull puppy, had been used as a bait dog – but escaped.

He ended up collapsing someone’s front porch.

When Unleashed Pet Rescue saw the plea for help on Facebook, they rushed to help. Jax’s eyes were swollen shut, his face was swollen, and he had holes in his head.

Jax was in intensive care for about two weeks. He readily wagged his tail whenever he saw his rescuers, though.

Dog fighting is a brutal and illegal practice. No dog should be trained to fight and kill other dogs.

No dog should be used as ‘bait’ to train these dogs.

In the video, below you can watch Jax’s road to recovery.

Take a look at this video

In the United States, report any and all suspected dog fighting rings by calling The Humane Society of the United States at 877-TIP-HSUS.

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