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Vets Tell Him His Dog With Dwarfism Wouldn’t Live Past The Age Of Three. Four Years Later…

Four years ago, no one thought she would make it. Sassy was living at a New York-based rescue operation called Forgotten Friends of Long Island. The rescue group is known for taking in and caring for animals with special needs. Sassy was adopted by Ernie Altamirano, but everyone told him not to get too attached to her.

Experts told him that Sassy would probably only live three or so years. Sassy, a pit bull, was born with dwarfism.

Her dwarfism, like other congenital disorders, was due to inbreeding. Sassy is less than half the size of a normal pit bull.

Her front legs are twisted and curved. Her tongue is too big for her mouth, and she even has some trouble breathing and moving around.

Ernie has a stroller for Sassy, so she has a place to rest when she gets tired when they are out and about.