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After Eating This Popular Delicacy, A Man’s Entire Body Was Riddled With Worms

Food that is not properly prepared can cause serious illness. One Chinese man is riddled with tapeworms after eating Sashimi, slices of raw fish. Sashimi is, to some, a heavenly delicacy. Just take a look at the scans, the tapeworms are everywhere in this man’s body. He had gone to the doctor because of itching skin and a stomach ache.

worms in body

Image Credit: European

Doctors at the Guangzhou No. 8 People’s Hospital in Guangdong Province treated the man. Dr. Yin from that hospital said eating uncooked food contaminated with tapeworms’ eggs may cause cysticercosis, which is when the tapeworms get into a person’s bloodstream.

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This is a life-threatening infection because the parasites could eventually reach the brain. Sashimi isn’t the only fish that can carry tapeworm eggs, raw salted or marinated fillets from Baltic or Scandinavian countries or raw salmon and ceviche from Italy have also been implicated. Share away, people.