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Sammy The Cat Attends University Every Day To Give Students Soothing Snuggles

Love know no bounds. You can even find love on a college campus – and we are not talking about the love between students.

We mean the love between the students and a ginger kitty called Campus Cat (most of the students call him Sammy, but no one knows his real name)!

Campus Cat reportedly knows just about all the students at the University of Augsburg, located in Bavaria, Germany.

Each and every day, this loving kitty comes to campus to give and get love!

You know that animals can sense things about us – we imagine that Sammy can feel the stress radiating from the students and comes to campus to help lower it!

He has been coming to campus since he was about one year old and that was some time before 2007.

The cat has a mysterious and unknown past.

Sammy is not a stray – he has a home and an owner.

His owner lets him wander around and so, the cat goes where he is needed!

Can you imagine going to college and getting to love on a handsome kitty?

Wouldn’t that have made your day better?

It sure seems like it would help the students unwind and relax between classes!

Sammy is seen here helping this student with her homework.

Well, in his own way, he is helping her!

Sammy is even willing to preheat a student’s jacket before she has to go out and face the elements!

We may not know Sammy’s whole story – what we do know is that he gives love freely and is loved in return.

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[h/t LoveMeow]