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Man Claims He Hasn’t Had A Cold In 20 Years By Snorting His Own Urine

Whether through proactive work like going to the gym and meeting the daily nutritional goals or abstinence from unhealthy substances like liquor and cigarettes, everyone wants to do what they can to live a healthier life.

Sam Cohen, a yoga master in his early 40s, has taken a rather unique approach to the pursuit of health and wellness – he snorts his urine.

Cohen is a Taoist Buddhist from London, England, whom has pursued “nose drinking” for decades.

He believes that this practice is what has spared him from ever contracting the common cold over the last two decades.

He performs this act practically every time he feels the urge to go, regardless of where that happens to be.

When in public spaces, he has confessed to sneaking a cup into a bathroom or phone booth.

Cohen said that while he had learned of the technique’s existence from a friend in the ’90s, he later learned that it had be practiced for centuries by aged Chinese spiritualists.

While partaking of his own urine is an eyebrow-raiser, Cohen clarifies that he drinks many things, all perfectly normal to be imbibed, like wine, juice and water; from his nose.

He also shared that he would engage in this practice with several friends, whom refer to their little clique as “The Merkaba.”

Cohen describes the sensation as a cleansing ritual, allowing a person to focus on their emotions.

He says it gives him a sense of euphoria and calm.

He mentioned that urine is the best for this practice, as it sends these feelings to the brain.

Kelly Saliba, another member of The Merkaba, is a 48-year old practitioner who compares the experience to rain traveling down the side of a mountain from its peak; by nasally imbibing his urine, he believes he is renewing that journey.

Saliba cautions that while keeping to a proper diet and caring for your health will lead to inoffensive urine, even those in poor health can benefit from imbibing their urine nasally.

Medical science sees urine as nothing more than a natural waste product unproven to offer health benefits.