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During Rugby Game, 4-Year-Old Grabs The Ball Giving Pros A Run For Their Money!

For those of us here in the United States, rugby is not a game we get to see much of (unless you are a fan and subscribe to the sports channels that air the games). In Australia, during a charity rugby game featuring some stars from Queensland and New South Wales, a little boy made his way down to the pitch.

No one is sure how he managed that – but the players went along and allowed the four-year-old to take the ball run down the field! You will see the boy dodge and narrowly avoid being tackled (again and again)! He seems to be enjoying himself to the fullest. Both sides were willing to allow the boy to run the full length of the field and score!

Take a look at this video

What an amazing moment! I am glad the men allowed the youngster to have fun! What memories he will have from this day!

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