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Rude Man Honks Like Crazy When Old Woman Crosses The Street – Her Revenge Is Brilliant

I was taught that getting revenge is really not the best way to handle problems. When does the cycle end? At some point, someone has to be the adult – right? Well, not always! The video below has been seen by more than one million viewers. It starts out with some boys apparently filming themselves as they are skateboarding on a city street.

The boys see an elderly lady crossing the street, and a man in a fancy sports car waits – but he isn’t patient about it. The boys keep the camera rolling and record the moment the man in the car honks the horn at the woman! Not only that but, he revs the engine as if he has no time to wait!

Take a look at this video!

The woman isn’t about to let that young jerk get the last word! Her response is perfect! Some say the whole thing was a setup – but, it is funny!

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