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She Does A Rude Gesture To Kitty, But Then Gets Exactly What She Deserved

What is the purpose of giving someone ‘the bird?’ It is a rude gesture that – well, is rude and most people take pleasure in giving it out. No one really wants to be on the receiving end of it either. Even if you are a cat! This six-second video is of Lauren and her cat. For some unknown reason, Lauren decides to give her cat the finger.

You can sort of see that the cat is in a special ‘grumpy’ place at the beginning of the video. When that middle finger appears, the cat loses it! There is a pounce and maybe even a bite before the cat vanishes! Not terribly clear why this had to be shared with the world, but there it is.

Take a look at this video

If you found this video funny, you probably shouldn’t own a pet. Pets deserve respect. Treat your pets well and don’t brag about your ill treatment of them. Share away, people.