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It’s Roll Call At Doggie Day Care, But This Pup’s Response To Being Last In Line Is Hilarious!

Having one dog in the house is nice. When you have two dogs, this get a bit crazier. Having three or more dogs may make you wondering who is in charge! You will have to lay down the law and let all the canines know you are in charge! The dogs in this video are from the K9 Country Club in Yakima, Washington.

They are an amazing group. They all respond to the voice commands of their human leader. They come through the gate one at a time! I can’t even get my two dogs to listen to me like that! Echo is the last one to come through. Keep your eye on the dog who turns his back to the group.

Take a look at this video!

It would appear that he knows he will be last, but he is going to come out when he is good and ready. Good boy, Echo!

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