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You Need To See What 1 Stranger Did When A Boy With Autism Had A Midflight Meltdown

On July 14. Rochel Groner and her husband were on a flight from Israel to Brussels – which takes about 8 hours.

A young boy with autism started to lose control, he was crying and have a meltdown.

Rochel could tell that the boy was trying to communicate something, but didn’t have the vocabulary to get his needs across.

woman comforting child

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It was obvious that the boy wasn’t going to stop anytime soon and the other passengers were getting upset.

Rochel walked over to the boy and sat with him.

She gave him a gentle but firm hug and then rocked him until he was quiet.

woman comforting child

Image Credit: N/A

Rochel sat with the boy for the rest of the flight.

They drew pictures together on motion sickness bags while Rochel’s husband took the photos and shared the amazing story.

Rochel works with children with special needs – the other passengers were lucky she was on that flight!

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