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You’ve Probably Been Eating Pineapple The Wrong Way Your Entire Life, Here’s Proof

For most people, eating pineapple means cutting the fruit into slices, chunks, or rings.

It’s a fruit that has a sweet flavor and that offers several health benefits.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with eating pineapple the way that you always have, there’s a better way to do it that will leave you speechless.

A video showed someone eating pieces of pineapple by breaking the fruit off into small pieces.

The person in the video was chewing loudly, which some thought was very annoying, but the manner of breaking the pineapple was genius.

One thing that you might not realize is that a pineapple actually has several berries that it’s made of instead of the yellow fruit on the inside that you usually think about.

You can cut the top off of pineapple to expose the first layer of the berries.

Grab one of the berries along the outer edge of the pineapple. Pull until the entire slice comes off.

You can continue going around the entire pineapple in this manner, enjoying the fruit by yourself or serving it to others.

Many people who have seen the video are surprised by the way that you can enjoy the fruit and are surprised that pineapple is made of berries.