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Man Who Cut Little Girls Throats And Smashed Their Heads Gets Executed — His Final Word Was…

Then they set the house on fire. The only items taken were some cookies, a computer, and a wedding ring.

mass murder ricky gray

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Gray was executed on January 18 by lethal injection at the Greensville Correctional Center located in Jarratt, Virginia.

mass murder ricky gray

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Gray was Virginia’s first prisoner to be executed with a controversial three-drug combination of potassium chloride, rocuronium bromide, and midazolam. Critics claim that midazolam causes a painful death and has caused issues in other states who have used it.

A little pain before death is nothing compared to what Gray did to that family. Their deaths were very painful. When asked if he had any last words before his sentence was carried out, Gray simply said “Nope.”

One of his lawyers, Elizabeth Peiffer, said Gray was trying to make amends. But in his final moments, there was no remorse. Share away, people.