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This Couple Reunited Over 30 Years After Their First Date

Rick and Karen first went out when they were in high school.

Karen had thought things had gone well.

But Rick never called her again.

They both moved on – got married and had their own families.

In 2010, the two were able to reconnect on Facebook.

Exactly 33 years after their first date – Rick asked Karen out again.

Rick was able to tell Karen why he didn’t ask her out again all those years ago.

Rick said that he was too shy and he had let too much time go by.

He figured that so much time had passed that she would be mad at him.

Happily, the two fell in love and got married!

Watch the video to find out what happened when Rick told Karen they were going to go shopping for her wedding dress in New York!

Take a look at this video

This is unbelievable, right?

Well it looks like fate and destiny does exist after all!

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