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Worried Stranger Buys Homeless Man A Meal. Then Homeless Man Reveals Who He Really Is

You know what Richard Gere looks like – right? If you saw him on the street, you would know him instantly – right? What if he was wearing old tattered clothes and looking in the garbage can on a busy street in New York – would you recognize him then? Well, most people didn’t recognize him when he did that very thing.

Gere was trying to get ready for his upcoming role as a homeless man for the film Time Out Of Mind. One woman didn’t know he was Richard Gere and she approached him. She saw someone in need. She offered him food. Gere was inspired. He then walked around and gave every homeless person he saw some money and food.

Take a look at this video

He wrote an emotional post on Facebook. We all can do better for our homeless people. You can donate food, money, or clothes to help those in need today. Share away, people.