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Retired Cop Sees Beet-Red Baby Crying And Shaking In Car. That’s When He Jumps Into Action

I will never understand why people take their pets for a ride in the car and then leave them in the car while they go shopping – leave your dog at home! What is even more baffling is when people actually leave their children in the car! Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Steve Eckel saw a four-month-old baby locked in a car with the windows all the way up.

It was nearly 80 degrees that day, and temperatures inside the car were already up near 120! The baby was in distress, and Steve grabbed a sledgehammer from his car and smashed a window open to get to the baby! The baby’s mother, Karen Gruen, 33, was arrested – she had left her child alone in the car for 40 minutes while she shopped at Kohl’s.

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Some people don’t deserve to be parents.

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